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Company Profile

Hang Zhou Xiao Shan Dunben  Magnet Co.Ltd is one of the leading permanent magnet manufacturers ,which located in Hangzhou China.Now its production capacity is over 800 tons each year.
Our main business covers products of NdFeB magnets(Neodymium Magnet), Alnico magnets, SmCo magnets(Samarium Cobalt magnet),Bonded magnets and magnetic assemblies, which have been put into a wide application in the following hi-tech fields: Electrical Apparatus, Machinery, Meters, Communication Equipment, Automation, Auto Mobile Industry, Detector, Spaceflight, etc. We produce special size and property for customer design also.
Customer's satisfaction is our companys goal is always long.As a company with commitment to reliable quality, exceptional services & fast response, We specify a set of management for our staff how to work with people to exert their maximum potential ability. we hope our honest policy and quality goods will be your long-term choice.
We are looking forward to  establishing long and mutual benefits business relationship with new and old customers in the near future. For more detail info,Please feel free to visit our website or inquire us at any of your convenience!